Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring is here...or is it??

Being a die hard New Yorker, I'm used to certain types of weather,but Florida weather never fails to amaze me---it's about 59 degrees outside when about 12 hours ago it was about 79 degrees!!---just like a woman, the weather can never make up its mind!!!(I'm wearing a bulletproof vest right now and my life insurance is paid up to date...)

On the sports side, the Heat finally won a game--against the lowly Bucks!!!---I'm a Lakers fan since Reagan was in the White House, so I'm waiting for Kobe and Co. to bring back the NBA title back to LA!!!!

Yankees are opening up this week against Toronto!!!---GO YANKS!!!!...last time I checked, Florida is fielding a Triple A team---AGAIN!!!!

May God bless all and continue to manifest Himself at Lifepointe to be a shining beacon for the city of Homestead...

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Weekend

  • Easter weekend was a blast-----great turnout at Harris Field for the Easter Egg Hunt---met old friends and made new ones----saw some of these people today at church---all 3 services were fantastic and had a great turnout---Travis was at his best as well as all the volunteers and staff---major props to Alex, Thomas, Kim and Casey for pulling an allnighter----looking forward to the spring and summer as Lifepointe will continue to serve our Lord and be part of a great transformation for the city of Homestead..
  • The Cure was rocking as many of the youth dedicated their life to Christ---really looking forward to the work the Cure is going to be doing in the months to come...
  • p.s. Props to my boys in the "ESPN Lifepointe" crew---Richard, Christian, Joseph and Jeffrey(yes, Jeffrey, Oscar Delahoya is still a loser!!!(LOL!!)